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No, there isn’t. We install & setup WordPress for you free on Pantheon WordPress Hosting platform. This allows you to further develop and test the site for free with ease. You only pay when you’re ready to go live and have complete control of your account with Pantheon.

If you want us to setup WordPress on another platform then fill in the form anyway and we will get in touch with you.

The free WordPress setup includes setup of your user id, chosen theme and plugins. In the interest of saving time, you will need to inform us of these before we start the setup of WordPress for you. Please include these details in your Offer Submission form.

Yes we will, but due to complexity, every installation needs to be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if it qualifies for the free offer. Please include some information in your form submission and we will get in touch with you.

Yes we do offer support during our business hours. You can read more about our support here. Since this is a free installation, we can only offer support during the first week of your installation. So please explore your new website and platform and get in touch with us quickly for any questions.

This offer is limited to Pantheon WordPress hosting because we think this is truly a great platform for money making websites, business owners, corporations and large scale media websites. As their Silver Partner, we can offer our clients (you) with not just Pantheon specific support when needed, but also enable your site with MultiDev environments.

MultiDev is available on Business plans at $400 a month if you signup directly with Pantheon instead of us.

If you wish to move your site to another Managed WordPress hosting provider then we can do that too for a small fee.

Sure, we can do that too. Simply fill in the form above as best as you can with details of your planned site (it doesn’t need to be in its final form but the domain name should be final) and we’ll get in touch with you to sort out the details.

You’re right, things are generally not free but they can be under certain circumstances! Since we’re a startup ourselves, we understand that you have a limited budget and you also want to ensure that every Dollar, Pound and Euro you spend helps achieve your goals. The free WordPress installation and setup lets you see the value of the platform and helps us achieve our commitment with Pantheon as Silver Partners; when you become their client. We see this as a WIN WIN.

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