Web Project Management 

Managing End to End Delivery of your Web Projects

project management

Web project management require not just day to day handling of tasks and priorities, but also constant communication with the designers, developers and testers to ensure that everyone understands what needs to be done and completes it within the given time-frame. With easy accessibility of remote workers, it is now easy to work with the best providers available though increasingly difficult to manage them across geographic locations and time-zones.

We at QZ Consulting have been working with remote and co-located teams to deliver from simple to complex web development projects.  Since, we no longer need to engage with local or regional providers only, we handpick the right team globally to deliver within your budget while maintaining quality, thus managing the web development projects end to end.

Using a myriad of tools available to us, we work in complete synchronisation with our clients and providers. Once engaged, we take over the day to day management of your web project allowing you to focus on your business, marketing, sales and support efforts.

Is managing that project overwhelming you? Go no further, because we go the whole nine yards to deliver your project with utmost satisfaction.

Team Management

Is that dream team of yours taking too long to deliver that awesome project? Are they taking a snooze when they should be clocking time? Allow us to take charge of your project; we won’t just see it through till the end, we will also add our magic touch to give it that extra kick to become the next big thing

project outsourcing

Project Outsourcing 

Is your local contractor showing signs of incompetency? Is the new client about to walk away because he can sense an impending delay already? Not to worry; with Project Outsourcing, we recruit the best contractors with necessary skills & budget for your project and manage them for you… leaving you to spend more time with clients and doing what you do best.

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