Web Consulting 

Offering Innovating Solutions to Enhance your Online Presence

QZ Ideas

Reality is the end product of an inspiring idea & we simply help you to give it a future.

From building a simple website to an intricate ecommerce portal, we provide end-to-end consultancy that will help you choose the right vendor and development platform.

If you need guidance on the best Content Management System (CMS), then we will advise you on the most appropriate web platform to choose for your company as well as any other web services or applications you may need to run your business efficiently and cost effectively.

We strive to provide our client with the most suitable solutions to their current challenges and so we go one step further and offer subsequent services that your website or web application might require in the future.

Our consultation does not end here; we cater to clients who face problems such as website performance issues, poor sales leads, non-existent social media presence, or any other issue that your business is suffering from.

What more do we offer in our consulting services?

Usability Assessment

Want your website to load quickly and get you the ROI that you have worked so hard for? Our expertise in usability assessment will not disappoint you because we cover everything from basic functionality test to in-depth analysis of performance, ease of use, readability and compliance. We also have the tendency to be strict about rules, so you should expect industry standards such as W3C, WCAG, PCI and more.


Conversion Optimisation 

Want to gain a strong foot holding in the search engines? Perhaps our expert knowledge of SEO will allow you in achieving this feat. Our consultation on conversation optimisation is a sum total of careful assessment based on the latest ranking strategies and traffic flow within your website, which won’t only improve and streamline every process at the back end but also give you the return on what you have invested.

Internet Marketing 

Internet is the best channel of getting a message to the world. What message to deliver, whom to reach it to and how to get the sales, these are all the questions that we have an answer for because we can enhance your online presence, communicate your message and bring back the leads that you have envisioned for your company.

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